Thursday, May 12, 2011

Can't even finish them...

In my youth I would never, ever leave a movie unfinished. My philosophy was that any film - no matter how terrible, could be redeemed in the last frame or two.
Anyway, as an adult, and more specifically - a father, I have fallen into the nasty habit of not finishing movies. My wife is frequently a co-conspirator in this dilemma.
It goes like this:
She wants to watch a movie, but not a "boy-movie" (which should read as all genres other than rom-coms and dramas with lead female characters). Basic requirements:
  • Something funny. 
  • Can't..absolutely can't have subtitles.
  • Can't have robots. 
  • Or be in space. 
  • Scary? No. Don't even ask.
  • Can't be part of a trilogy.
I make the pick, and fairly soon - she's out cold.
What do you do? Finish the movie and then have to watch the second half again? Or stop and play Xbox or watch Sportscenter? I usually just call it.
Now, don't get me wrong - it's not all her. Lately, I fall asleep. My son wakes up. Something happens and the whole train is derailed. Here are some one or both of us are working on for various reasons...

I keep falling asleep.

100% solo mission.
She went out quickly.
We both fell asleep.

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