Monday, July 25, 2011

I don't remember the emperor crapping his robe and screaming "time-out."

"I can hear his beard."
In honor of a summer littered with fanboy cinema (almost all of which I have seen, mind you), I decided to tackle the DVR pileup and watch 2008's Fanboys. This one tells the tale of four friends taking a rode trip to Skywalker Ranch so that one may see a rough cut of the soon-to-be-released Episode 1 before he succumbs to cancer. Equal parts road comedy and love letter to all things Star Wars, Fanboys is amusing enough, though not an outright classic.

One thing that surprised me were the number of cameos in the movie. There are a couple of Star Wars people that show up (I think I counted three), Captain Kirk, Machete, Jay and Silent Bob, Kenny Powers and a horribly nerdy Seth Rogen. I'm leaving out a few, but you get the point. Better yet though, is the main cast. I will forever love Sam Huntington for his role as Jam in Detroit Rock City (utterly hilarious). Kristen Bell does the hot/cool girl thing - cliché as it may be. Jay Baruchel is the character he is in everything, but I enjoy it - so no harm there.

Overall, I'd say there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes. If you have zero interest in Star Wars or sci-fi you probably should keep it moving. Otherwise, pop this one in and think back to where you were May 19, 1999. I was at a 10am showing (oh, it was the first showing). Ah, to be a giant, young nerd again...

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