Sunday, July 24, 2011

I would create a fake family for that.

I dare you to touch her boobs. 
Adam Sandler can never, ever undo the greatness he thrust upon me in my developmental years. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are responisble for at least 35% of all the words that come out of my mouth. And I'm an adult. Really. That said, I can't seem to jump on board and flat-out hate the movies he has turned out lately (though I really, really didn't like Click).Yes, they always have this weird family first message. Sure, they are about as predictable as an episode of Inspector Gadget. And of course, Sandler will play some goofball who's really, really rich. Oh, and his wife will be crazy-hot.

We just made a couple million. Cheers.
Which leads us to Just Go With It. A movie from earlier this year about a guy pretending he is/was married to get the luscious lady pictured above. All the aforementioned rules are firmly in place, and despite that, I enjoyed this one. Granted, it didn't cost me anything - and, and! - my wife stayed awake for the entire flick. Talk about win-win.

However you feel about these movies, you will have to admit - they look like they're having fun. I think the actors and crew get together and party for a couple of months and don't entirely freak out if critics bash the Hell out of the final result. I see where the hate comes from, I get it. But if you just relax and take it as the gigantic piece of fluff that it is, you'll probably enjoy it. At the very least, everyone can marvel over Jennifer Aniston's body. My dear Lord.
Oh yeah, I almost cried during the sheep scene (he feeds it?).

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