Sunday, September 4, 2011

Charlie, here comes the deuce. And when you speak of me, speak well.

Susan Sarandon has been old my entire life.
I love baseball. I love movies. Shouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that I love baseball movies, too. I do, but I don't think I've seen enough good ones. Prior to tonight, I would say that my favorite baseball flick was Major League. I might cast a vote for The Sandlot as well, but that's it. I think.

Tonight's movie, 1988's Bull Durham was another classic that I've managed to not see in over twenty years. How is this possible, you (don't) ask? I refuse to watch movies on television. Refuse.

That nonsense aside, I enjoyed about 95% of this one. Crash Davis and Nuke LaLoosh don't trump Ricky Vaughn and Willie Mays Hayes, but they give it a good ride. Watching a flick like this for the first time, I saw clips and scenes that have been played in stadiums forever. Costner has most of them: his speech about 'the show,' his tipping of upcoming pitches, and even his improvised rain out. All awesome. My favorite scene however, was his ejection on the play at the plate. Never saw that one on the ol' Jumbotron. Probably because it's too long to show between pitches. Or, maybe, it's because of the liberal use of the term, um, c---sucker. One of those.

Standing room only in Durham.
The movie stalled at the times when things get serious. Luckily it's not for too long, but the drama drags it down nonetheless. I also never, ever bought Tim Robbins as someone who could throw in the upper 90's. I know that's nitpicking, but seriously, I think my 2 year-old son has a better delivery when he's whipping shit all over our house. Oh, and what to say of Susan Sarandon's character, Annie? Is she hot? Is she old? Is she a man? Is she a hot, old man? Too many questions, I know. But somehow, I feel like I want to answer yes to all of them.

By the way, I found a list of all the baseball movies ever made at Take a look and let me know what you think is the best one. And, no, There's Something About Mary doesn't count, no matter how awesome Warren is.