Thursday, September 8, 2011

If your vagina is anything like my hand...there will be no problem.

I loved Pineapple Express. Frickin' loved it. Now, I've never met anyone who shares the adoration for that film like I do, but it doesn't matter. I laughed out loud. Repeatedly. So, when I saw the trailer for last night's film, Your Highness, I thought to myself; it will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

By the time I die, I will have had two of those three hairstyles. Damn you, genetics. Damn you.
If only the Minotaur was on the poster.

I bought this on blu-ray along with Paul. I wanted to see both theatrically, but unless it's summertime, that's going to be a bit of a stretch. Anyway, I started with Your Highness because I figured I'd keep the Natalie Portman train rolling. I'm still kind of shocked that she appeared in this (on the heels of an Oscar, no less), but she is awesome as always. And super, super-hot. Goodness. So, you have that.

What you also have is a lot of Danny McBride. I think this guy is pretty funny, but his schtick is basically this: he's a dick, he's selfish, and he curses all the time. He begins the film as the world's biggest douche, but unsurprisingly, ends it being the Man. Predictable? Yes. But it was fun along the way.

One thing that surprised me though, were the action and adventure sequences. They were badass. The escape on horses, the Hand Monster-thing, and all the battles against Leezar and his Mothers (who basically shoot proton beams from Ghostbusters) were very well done (the budget was around $50 mil). You'd expect the action to be an afterthought, but it wasn't.

One last thing. What I found particularly hilarious, was the treatment of their servant, Courtney. There is so little regard for him throughout - it's great. The response he gets when he tells them it's his birthday almost made me choke. Oh, and when you can call someone a dickless traitor and it's true on all accounts, you've got yourself a winner! And if you don't laugh at Thadeous' necklace at least once, you have no soul. None.

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