Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A great light has gone out in the universe.

Don't listen to me. In fact, don't listen to anybody. I sometimes (though I feel it rarely happens) get caught up in the hype. I do.  I was convinced that  Green Lantern was a steaming pile of awful and all I had seen was a trailer. Well, after taking my sister to the dirtmall ($2) and conquering this one, I can assure you it's pretty good.  People love to pile on the bad news, but honestly, this movie entertains. Yes, my expectations were very, very low. And seriously, I only paid two bucks for each ticket. But at times, this movie was pretty badass. There's a nice mix of action and story, with neither really dominating (though I think we could've used some more ass-kicking, honestly). Overall, I think this flick will be labeled as a massive failure (budget was over $150 mil!), but it's as least as good as Thor and First Class. Personally, I think I'd put it in the middle, but maybe even ahead of Thor.
  • Ryan Reynolds. Dude is big.
  • Blake Lively is gorgeous. Very, very.
  • The ring is way cooler than I thought.
  • People get thrown into and through walls often.
  • Frickin' helicopter scene!
  • Hector may be the best bad guy ever. He's so happy (and always thrashing. Always.)
  • Bonus scene!
  • You might want to take notes in the first five minutes.
  • Not enough Ms. Lively.
  • Final Boss fight is super easy!
  • More ring please!
  • Some dialogue might hurt your brain.

So there you have it. Take my advice and see it, or take my advice and don't listen to me...and not...see it? Okay, I'm lost now. Goodnight.

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