Friday, June 24, 2011

You owe me a Blaupunkt!

Currently, I'm watching about 95% of the movies I see on my laptop. I set up in my kitchen: plug the computer in (for maximum brightness), don my airplane-pilot headphones (don't want to wake the little one) and sit back in an uncomfortable wooden chair. It's not very glamorous. In fact, my friend H. Dunphy shook his head and uttered, "That's no way to watch a movie, man" when hearing of this setup. He might be right. He also mentioned that MacGruber was pretty funny and I should check it out. Was H.D. two for two?

The soundtrack is pretty sweet 

This movie is very, very stupid. It's satire played so straight, it almost ventures into seriousness. Regardless, it has moments that are so damned funny, that I think it's a must-see. A few times I actually teared up in an effort not to loudly crack-up. Some of the highlight's include...
  • MacGruber's constant throat-ripping of foes
  • The funniest sex-scene ever filmed (both)
  • His obsession with cutting off Cunth's junk
  • Mentioning a "pretty substantial Costco run"
  • MacGruber is such an a-hole to everyone
  • there is soooooo much profanity! It's pretty admirable, actually
For the record, I went with the unrated version on blu. It's a couple minutes longer. Probably 50 more f-bombs!

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