Friday, June 17, 2011


Big day. After getting Matty down (with some assistance from ailing wife), I ducked out to see J.J Abrams latest, Super 8. I purposely have avoided reading reviews closely because this has been the summer movie I have been waiting for (ever since I saw the kickass trailer months ago). Even though I was simply getting a vibe from the reviews, it seems "people" are not loving it. Hmmm...about that...

I really, really enjoyed this film. The end (which I gather is a sticking point for many) is not perfect, but it didn't ruin it. Regardless, the other 95% of the movie is so well done it doesn't really matter. Hell, the train scene alone was worth at least $6.50 of the 8 bucks I dished out! The best part though, are the kids. As a person who spends their life trying to educate 12 year-olds, it was refreshing to see a group of kids who were not only passionate about movies, but were also just smart. And motivated. And interesting. Damn, 3/4 of my students come off as imagination-free drifters, passively "engaging" in school as means only to eat lunch and make fart sounds.

Anyway, this movie is really good. See it. In the theater. Soon. Encourage this kind of stuff. I saw it with one couple two rows behind me. Three people TOTAL (surprise! I went alone).

By the way, am I the only person in the world who watched Leaving Las Vegas and Super 8 today? Yes. Yes, I am. One last thing...I was completely enamored with 1979. All movies should be set there.

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