Monday, June 20, 2011

Look, Chalmers, let's understand each other... I don't like you.

It's Monday morning technically (after a busy weekend) and I haven't much movie-related to post.
I'll let the images of two quintessential 80's movies recap the daily themes (well, and a caption per).

Friday: Wife not home till after 8pm
Saturday: Almost 4 hrs at the SC.
Sunday was Father's Day, so I got to sleep in and sort of lounge around. Kim and Matty got me some sweet Grown Man Sandals, which after some hesitation, I was actually pretty stoked about. Apparently, mystery gift arrives tomorrow, as does week 2 of summer vacation/Daddy Day Care duties. Though reinforcements are arriving from Seattle in the form of my younger sister. Still working on her title. So far, it's AuntiTati.

 Anyway, what I did manage to finish on Friday, was 1968's Bullitt. This is a flick I picked up on blu-ray for 5 bucks two Christmases ago. I think most people have heard about the ultimate car chase featured later in the movie, but I was more interested in the legend of Steve McQueen. I don't recall ever having seen him anything and knew that he was iconic. The verdict? Decent. But nothing in the ballpark of spectacular.

This is how I'm going to dress. Forever.

Since it's late, I'm going to break this down into Yay's and Boo's. Keep it moving.
  • Jacqueline Bisset! She was super-hot. Late-60's fashion was exquisitely featured!
  • Opening Title Sequence. Mysterious and funky and altogether badass.
  • 90 seconds of Robert Duvall is 90 seconds you better shut-the-hell up.
  • No music in the chase scene. Just engines roaring.
  • The guy who played the doctor. Dude was hardcore, well, for a doctor.
  • Violence. It's PG (yes, I know, no PG-13 back then) and it's not bad.
  • Restaurant scene in the beginning? 5 minutes of hard core flute action! Wtf?
  • 90 seconds of Duvall? That shit ain't right.
  • Steve McQueen. Yeah, I said it. Dude needed to kick some ass. He just stared intently. In a sweater. Yes, he forced those two into the gasoline and match factory, but I wanted some fisticuffs.
  • Nudity. I know you're PG, but where are you, random ass-shot? Was sideboob not invented in 1968? 
Well, there you have it. The Yay's outnumber the Boo' I guess that proves everything ever.

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