Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wow is the word you're looking for.

Okay, I have to make this quick. I just finished 2008's The Brothers Bloom and I have to tell you, I loved it. I might regret this one in the morning, but there was something about it that just got me. If I were in college, this is that moment after you've met a girl and you are so intrigued by her, you can't function. Maybe the feeling will wear off in a few hours, but tonight, it's going to haunt me. In a good way, obviously.

So, before this gets too awkward, let's get on to the film itself. I've never been one to rehash plots here, so I'll keep it brief; two brothers are trying to pull one last con before getting out of the game completely. Things get complicated when the mark - an always fascinating Rachel Weisz - proves to me more than either could manage. Also hard to manage is the level these cons reach and whether what we ever see is real or simply scripted by the elder Bloom, Stephen (played by the ever-cool Mark Ruffalo).

Formalities complete, what was it that got me? I don't know, exactly. If I go back to the analogy of meeting someone new, I suppose it goes to the vibe of the whole thing. Simultaneously mysterious and comforting. Next up, the looks. Damn if the cinematography isn't something to marvel. Each shot is framed in such a sumptuous way, it's mesmerizing. Also, the rapport. Each of the four main characters (I'll include Bang Bang) are so interesting and endearing, you'll buy whatever it is they are selling. Clearly, I did. And finally, the sound. I so loved the score that I am actually letting the blu ray menu repeat over and over (we might be going on an hour here). Additionally, the soundtrack is as vital as any dialogue in the film. Admiring it like the Drive soundtrack, actually.

Terrible picture. Fantastic montage.
Some thoughts before I shut it down:
  • No one plays reluctant like Adrien Brody. I know it helps that the guy looks sad indefinitely, but he nails it here.
  • Must Google: pinhole camera.
  • If ever there is a movie to show men how to dress, it's this one. Seriously, their clothes ruled. And I never notice that kind of thing.
  • Pretty sure it's federal law that you must love Rachel Weisz. Amazing.
  • Collecting hobbies? I'm in.
And yes, Tati, now I have to see Brick.

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