Friday, August 5, 2011

Are you telling me I drove all this way and no one wants to get pissed on?

Summer is winding down, but I did manage one last weeknight flick, the fairly awesome Horrible Bosses.

Before I begin, can I ask what the Hell is wrong with moviegoers? First, read this story. Seriously? Anyway, my crowd tonight was interesting. First to show up, young couple.They totally know the rules. Eat your popcorn. Laugh along. Fantastic. Second up? Me. Yes, solo weird guy. But, I sit far enough away from the couple so as not to be too close, but not all the way in corner as to be extra pervy. Third, and most awful, two middle-aged women. These two would not shut the Hell up during the previews. Not at all. You know when you hope that they get it out of their system by the time the movie begins? Not these two ignorant sluts. They made horrible comments throughout. C'mon. You're old. Shut up. Dear Lord, no one wants to hear you ever. One actually said, "He's going to put it on his penis." Penis. Goodness.
Lastly, was a very old man. He looked like he should be on a dock somewhere. Maybe fashioning something out of wood. He did yell, (yes, yell) "KILL HER!" Indeed, Old Man, indeed.

Despite a decent portion of the crowd being being suspect, I had a good time with this flick. I think having a job means that you can relate to these guys somewhat, because most bosses, even if just a little, are horrible by nature. I think it's in the job description. That said, looking at these posters, you can tell that one guy really doesn't have it too bad. Yes, it would probably not be too cool if your boss was always sexually harassing you, but if it was Jennifer Aniston (dressed as a dentist, no less)? I could manage. Safe bet.

Needless to say, there are some really funny scenes in this one (nothing I'd spoil). Jaime Foxx's character may have the best name in recent movie history (and everyone always says his name). Colin Farrell, probably only showed up for a day, but has some pretty classic lines (demanding to "fire Professor Xavier"). And nunchuks.

Overall: Go! I think there's definitely enough here to be worth it. And honestly, it's hard to judge how funny something is seeing it alone. Just don't take your middle-aged female friend. Please.
Potential Best Line? "I'd like to bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states." (outtakes version)

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