Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last night I fake chowed a DJ's mom.

The Farrelly Brothers. In the '90's they were responsible for two legitimate classics, Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Mary (in between is Kingpin, which I find hilarious). Since then, they have been very hit or miss. Me, Myself & Irene would probably be on the hit side of things (and maybe Shallow Hal?)...while Stuck on You and The Heartbreak Kid end up being straight-up misses. This brings us to their latest comedy, Hall Pass.

If you're cool with Owen Wilson, then you'll be okay with this one. Jason Sudeikis is solid as well, but I liked him a million times more in Horrible Bosses. Regardless, they have a good rapport together. Their wives are played by the lovely duo of Jenna Fischer and Kelly Bundy herself, Christina Applegate. Oh, Fischer? Total victim of the DushFactor here. Some scenes? Fantastic. Others...not so much.

The Farrelly Brothers include some patented bits...namely the incident in the bathroom. Yeesh. Pretty sure all their movies have something rather disgusting happen near the crapper.

That's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?
Most of their movies have been PG-13 (or at least it seems that way). Not here. One advantage of the R rating is the lovely young woman pictured to the left delivers the goods (for you pervs out there...I looked away out of respect). Unfortunately, male frontal nudity of the Dirk Diggler variety kind of offsets the female glory (it's seared into my retinas...goodness). The ridiculously hot Alyssa Milano shows up for a minute, which is always welcome.

Look, I think this movie is pretty frickin' average, but I watched the whole thing with my wife in one shot. That's like seeing Big Foot riding a unicorn.

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