Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tanny Glover.

Summer is over. Definitely sucks, but I guess most adults don't have 10 consecutive weeks off every year (to see movies and write a crappy blog, no less) - so, I'm not going to complain too much. With my last bargain Tuesday at the ol' dirt mall, I decided to close the season with the comedy 30 Minutes or Less. And being that I was exhausted from being developed professionally, I decided that a 10:00 pm showing of an 83-minute movie was just about all I could muster...

What are you guys, swapping stories about getting fingered?
Before I begin, let me tell you about where I see most of these movies, a little town called York, Pennsylvania. York is an interesting place, and by interesting I mean terrible. Okay, not really, but it's definitely strange. For instance, last night, there was an old man dressed as young Elvis at the movies. It was a Tuesday evening, it was almost 10 - what could possibly explain this? Nothing. Try it, yourself. Give me one legitimate reason why an 80 year-old man would go to the movies in an Elvis costume. At 10. On Tuesday.

Not enough posters feature blowtorches.
Speaking to the movie (probably should be on that), I'll say that it definitely has some inspired bits. A lot of the dialogue seems improvised, and Aziz Ansari frequently delivers. The premise of two guys being forced to rob a bank puts them in a series of awkward events and allows for some funny exchanges. Danny McBride and Nick Swardson get in some good discussions, but it gets sort of weird by the end. 

Another strong point is the pacing. Subtract the credits and you are looking at a film that is around 75 minutes long. That's nice. One drawback however, the movie is shockingly bland. This one is directed by the man responsible for Zombieland, so you'd think it would be a tad more stylish. Oh well. For $2, I'm good. I'd say it's a decent rental, at best. Unless of course, you love guys humping a 3D Jason Voorhees. Then this is your Gone With the Wind.
I will, enthusiastically, award Bonus points for: 
  • Michael Peña's character, Chango
  • The sister was pretty hot (so was Juicy, I suppose)
  • The innocent victim in the bank (didn't see the second thing coming)
  • Embarrassing middle schoolers. Fantastic.

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  1. Totally agree. This needed more energy like Zombieland...but it has it's moments.