Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What we've got here is... failure to communicate.

Excellent. Today, I finished the 1967 classic, Cool Hand Luke. I've always thought that Paul Newman was a badass, but I really didn't have any proof that I could call on quickly, other than Slap Shot. Not that his legacy needs my vote, but I'm fully on board now (unlike the Steve McQueen incident).
Sometimes nothin' can be a really cool hand...

I want to point out that as far as prison movies go, The Green Mile is still my all-time favorite. I know most people go with The Shawshank Redemption, but not me. I guess this one is now on the list. It's definitely a different feel here, with the inmates being more old-school. By that, I mean well-mannered and more aw-shucks, boss than most modern-day movie criminals. Honestly, Newman's Luke is locked up for destroying friggin' parking meters. No Cyrus-the-Virus types here.

Some things I learned:
  • George Kennedy! Dude won an Oscar for this. Damn, and I thought being Frank Drebin's partner was his peak performance (shameful on my part)
  • The 50 Egg Challenge. Goodness.
  • Paul Newman singing "Plastic Jesus" is just about the epitome of awesome.
  • I can't recognize a young Dennis Hopper. Damn,
  • Car. Wash. Scene. I can't even describe this. My jaw hit the floor and so did my pants. Okay. One of those didn't happen.

Paul Newman is cool even when getting his ass kicked.

One last thing. The quote up top (and on the poster) was voted 11th Best Quote by the AFI. Okay. But, I knew it best as the opening to the epic GNR track, "Civil War." I only realized this connection when I saw that AFI special. This is the second time my ass has been rocked by a movie/song connection. Nearly 10 years after Warren G's "Regulate" came out, I happened to watch Young Guns. I almost shit when I put two and two together. I told my cousin Tony about this, to which he replied, "No shit. You didn't know that?" Obviously not, asshole.

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