Monday, February 28, 2022

In & Out [post]: Jackass Forever

It ain't a bunch of NASA scientists writing this shit.

Title: Jackass Forever Rating: R Runtime: 96 mins

Where: Regal West Manchester With: My sister, old people???

Number of times the screen was mostly somebody's dick: 900

What's it about? Someone might tell you it's about a lot more, and they might be right, but the short version is a bunch of dudes get together to hurt each other's dicks. Repeatedly. 

What works: Even if you're the most miserable f--ker on the planet, I'd bet good money that something in this movie is going to make you laugh in spite of yourself. And even if you somehow manage to defy the odds and find none of this shit funny, there's a certain undeniable charm in seeing these assholes all grown up, still doing the same dumb shit they did as kids. Oh, and old-man Knoxville is kinda sexy, right? (I'm more of a Steve-O man, myself).