Two Dollar Cinema is a movie blog. Yep.

I actually enjoy good movies, but find myself watching a lot of bad ones. Despite my casual approach, there are a few guiding principles that I follow when writing about the flicks I watch.

  • Theatrical movies as much as possible. I'm usually that weird guy in the theater who's all by himself. I enjoy the quiet.
  • At home, hi-def or bust. This means either HD movie channels or blu-rays/4ks. I realize that limits me to mostly mainstream stuff, but I'm a bit of a 'presentation snob' despite this blog suggesting otherwise. 
  • I only review movies that I haven't seen. I used to be the guy who would watch (and quote) movies over and over again. That Guy is dead.
  • Runtime rules. My movie-watching time is precious, so I watch a lot of short movies. Turns out, most short flicks are terrible. Didn't you just say that your time was precious? How does that make sense? Shut up, you.
  • No grades, no scores. I'm a teacher, so I'm all set with arbitrary evaluations. I'm trying to give you a very basic essence of the movie. My philosophy is everybody should watch everything. I might love something you hate. Why don't we both watch it and compare notes?
Hope you enjoy the site. Don't take anything I say on here too seriously. I certainly don't.

Questions? Comments? Do that below.

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