Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Mt. Rushmore of Movies LINKS

To celebrate President's Day (um, for the first time in my life), I decided to host my very first and likely last blogathon. The rules were simple (or so I thought): choose four things cinematic and create a monument honoring them. Shockingly, many quality blogs signed up and carved some pretty epic faces into the side of an imaginary mountain. Below are the links to the all the blogs that participated, listed in the order I received (and/or found) them.

If it's many years later, and Skynet still allows humans on the internet, feel free to post a link anytime. I'll update with a link back to your blog.

To everyone that participated, I'd like to say thank you for the time and effort. Unless your Fisti. In that case, there simply aren't words.  - m.brown


Created by: asrap virtuoso
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Actor's Voices. 
Materials: Cigarettes and manliness.
When visiting: Close your eyes and listen carefully.
Created by: Sati
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Favorite Male Characters
Materials: Testosterone and profanity
When visiting: Don't say anything foolish, as these guys will f--k you up.

Created by: Szever
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Lesser Known Comic Book Movies
Materials: Rage and a troubled past
When visiting: Leave the spandex at home (you won't need it)

Created by: Fisti
Monument: Mt. Spankmore
Materials: VHS tapes and Kleenex
When visiting: Leave the children in the car (or at home) and please, for the love of God, watch your step! That ain't birdpoop all over the monument's faces.

Created by: Brittani Burnham
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Awful Cry Faces
Materials: Still untapped emotions, onions, editors who work for free
When visiting: No laughing, please. This is serious business.


Created by: Bubbawheat
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Independent Superhero Movies
Materials: Homemade costumes and delusions of grandeur
When visiting: No flying. No powers.

Created by: Dani
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Collaborations
Materials: Typewriters, checked egos

Created by: Ms. Mariah
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of her Favorite Male Characters in Space
Materials: Spacesuits and red undies

Created by: Wendell Ottley
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Morgan Freeman Characters
Materials: Gravitas and class

Created by: Angela
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Best Books to Movies
Materials: Library cards and a love of the source material
When visiting: Make sure you have lots of time and a comfy seat.

Created by: Elina
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Voice Acting in the 2010's
Materials: Sexy bitches and lots of Guglunk.

Created by: Thanezra
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Actress Entrances
Materials: Low-cut shirts and high-speed film.

Created by: Josh
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Women Overlooked by the Oscars
Materials: Epic talent and estrogen
When Visiting: Dress lightly, as it's going to be pretty hot there. Though I suppose that's how some people like it.


  1. Hey, this post looks quite pretty with all those blog banners!

    Thanks for hosting this blogathon. Its been fun. Two Dollar Cinema is progressing.... first you have t-shirt give-aways, then you have a blogathon.... what's next? I predict a podcast! Who knows, in the future (you know I'm an expert in this don't you), you'll have Katherine Heigl as a guest discussing her movie 'The Nut Job'. Other guests might include Alexandra Daddario with the topic being how she influenced you to see 'The Babysitters'! Just don't forget to take photos!!

    1. Did you always raise your hand first in school? Just wondering....

      Anyway, I appreciate that you not only participated, but that you were totally prompt. At least when you were in, I could exhale. I had one.

      I hope the blog continues to grow. Not sure I'll ever land Heigl...I mean, even if I did, I probably wouldn't even be able to make eye contact. You know...because of all the shitty things I've said about her acting skills. Just kidding. I would be staring at her breasts, likely out of breath.

      Daddario? I can barely type her name.

      My. Goodness.

  2. This looks really awesome with those banners! Thanks again for hosting, this was a lot of fun.

    1. Your gigantic banner was totally clutch. I had a little room to attempt a joke, which even when it fails, I'm always happy to try...

      You're very welcome. Now that it's over, I can get back to watching bad movies, which feels good.

      So...why am I making this awful cry face?

  3. Oh awesome and I love the descriptions you made for each entry "Testosterone and profanity" - yeah that sounds superhot ^^

    So cool that so many people participated!

    1. Your guys, well...minus Chad, were all some pretty badass mofos. I guess Chad was kinda badass too, you know, for someone potentially retarded.

      Maybe next year we all go Fisti-style and make this think super kinky.

      Or not. (I may want to be a teacher again someday)


    And thank you for hosting, awesome entries and so much fun to put the list together!

    1. Yeah, it was pretty lackluster. They may be an extra one lying around here somewhere...

      No prob. Glad you joined in, Elina.

  5. Very cool looking post. Love the descriptions also. I often laughed, as usual.

    1. Thanks, Wendell. I was stoked that you joined in. Morgan Freeman, if he weren't busy being the President, is upset with the state of humanity while at the same time solving crimes, would be proud.

  6. Bravo on linking up the banners and coming up with fun topics for each blog. I know you put a lot of work into this... and I link it up today in my Sunday Post. It was a lot of fun and thanks for hosting. Now to blog hop to all these wonderful blogs!!

    Angela's Anxious Life

    1. Ah, thank you. Very glad you participated and I'm pretty sure I still need to get over to yours and actually comment. 'Twas very well thoughtful and well done!

      (and yeah, it's pretty cool that everybody read everybody else's...I dig that tremendously)

  7. OMG I love you! Thanks for doing this, for the link and for the lack of words ;-)

    1. You're awesome, man. Like that comment on your site officially won this blogathon.

  8. Dammit! I suck and never got one of these done. It looks like you had a great turn out though!

  9. It happens, Jess. Don't sweat it.

    Being my first one, I was pretty stoked that ANYONE participated, let alone how awesome they all were.