Friday, March 3, 2017

The Mt. Rushmore of Movies '17 LINKS

To honor the great leaders of this country, uh, the Presidents (I know, I was thinking handsome people who get paid to tell stories, too), I resurrected a blogathon idea from 2014 affectionately known as The Mount Rushmore of Movies. Last time, we had an excellent turnout, with great writers at great blogs crafting, you guessed it, great monuments. 

In this installment, some people have actually crafted their second monument, meaning they've been kicking rocks past this dump for years. These are some of the best people I have never met. But it's not just those sexy (and mysterious) individuals I'd like to acknowledge today, as many other fine authors also contributed as well.

Below, in the order I read the entries, are links to each of the blogs that submitted a post to the 2017 version of The Mt. Rushmore of Movies. Please visit and support these sites, as everyone really delivered this year, and it might help them recoup their $200 entry fee. You guys read the terms, right? 


created by: Sati
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Ed Harris characters
Materials: Soul-piercing eyes and quiet intensity
When visiting: Leave your wife in the car, and make sure you don't litter, graffiti, or any kind of general disrespect. (the park ranger, after unleashing a scream that only dogs can hear, will f--king murder you)

created by: Dell
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Mt. Rushmore scenes
Materials: laziness, brilliance, superheroes and Cock. 
When visiting: Get the camera ready, because those faces might not be there long...

created by: Mettel Ray
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Four Characters with Great Beards
Materials: Testosterone, invisible jawlines
When visiting: Hands to yourselves, ladies.

created by: Sonia
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Food Scenes
Materials: Hungry Elves, Abiding Dudes and lots of carbs
When visiting: Come hungry as the menu truly has something for everybody, assuming you're not lactose intolerant...or afraid of lobsters.

created by: Allie
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Movie Cameos
Materials: actors who don't take themselves too seriously, bad wigs and good times
When visiting: Stay off the internet beforehand, you f--king killjoy! And when you leave, keep your damn mouth shut before Cena puts his foot in it.

created by: Brittani
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of 'Modern' Musicals that are not La La Land
Materials: Anna Kendrick, unrequited love and spontaneity
When visiting: Be quiet, please. No one wants to hear you sing (along)

created by: Big Screen, Small Words
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Romantic Comedy Leads from the 21st Century
Materials: Big smiles, full hearts
When visiting: Try not to say awww too much.

created by: Dan
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Movies Where the Romantic Leads Don't End up Together
Materials: Jerk writers, a healthy dose of reality and a deluge of audience tears.
When visiting: Bring tissues. Lots of tissues.

created by: Drew
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Great Opening Scenes
Materials: Immediate intensity and perspiration
When visiting: Find your seats quickly, as tardiness will have major consequences.

created by: Steph
Monument: The Mt. Rushmore of Movies about Print Journalism
Materials: Facts, an honorable desire to share/uncover the truth
When visiting: Make sure to pack three things: spellcheck, caffeine (it's gonna be a late night) and a rolled up, long-sleeved dress shirt.

Thanks again to the great blogs that participated. You guys and your great sites all combine into one massive, sundress-wearing Helen Hunt. Meaning?

You make me want to be a better man. 


  1. Thanks again for hosting! This was so much fun :)

    1. Thanks, as always, for contributing.

      Sorry you didn't get to use all those sweet asses. I'm sure they were amazing. And hairy.

  2. Glad to see the turnout. I've already read a few of these and will visit the rest this weekend. I'll be sure to observe the "When visiting" tips. Thanks for those.

    1. Thanks for contributing AGAIN. That's awesome, Dell.

      Hey, I'm all about giving nonsensical advice. It's basically my livelihood.

  3. I so hope you run this blogathon again!
    By the way, good luck getting my $200 entry fee off me, I'm moving house next week and...dammit, I said too much, didn't I?

    1. I feel like I should keep waiting three years in between...but have no real plans...or organization. Or much of anything.

      Moving you say? To America, perhaps? I could totally be a Flick Chick..s? Either way, I understand. I'll cut your fee to $195.

  4. Well good thing no one littered :D you gotta host this one every year!

    1. Good thing for them. And their face.

      I dunno. I feel like every three years seems...right. I mean, we could celebrate my 40th birthday next time, right? Right? FORTY.

      *puts gun in mouth*

    2. Oh noes, you're gonna turn the age when men start to get crazy hot? Oh how terrible for you!

      By that time I'm gonna be in my 30s and officially required by law to register as spinster. Or already lying there with half of my face bitten off by Gustav.

    3. When famous dude's turn hot. Regular guys? I think we just melt.

      What's the 'spinster registration process' like? Do you just show them pictures of your animals? Show them your closet full of slutty clothes? (rowr)

      I love the idea of Gustav eating half of your face off. It makes me laugh hysterically every time I even consider it. Like, it's not that you've grown old with him, you've succumbed to your old age and he's forced to devour you. Starting with your face.

  5. Nah, all guys gain the hot factor with age. I don't even wanna google what young Cumberbatch looked like. Must have been rough as hell.

    We don't have a formal process yet but the way the things are going I'm pretty sure there will be one soon. Childless and alone pretty much sponsor those who have kids with taxes. I love having studied and worked hard just so I can finance other people banging and came home to empty apartment where my yorkie may or may not kill me.

    "I love the idea of Gustav eating half of your face off. It makes me laugh hysterically every time I even consider it. Like, it's not that you've grown old with him, you've succumbed to your old age and he's forced to devour you. Starting with your face."

    WHAT? lol

    I do mention that in today RF but I came up with even more likely scenario for my death.

    1. Well, fingers crossed I end up in that group.

      Holy shit! This tax lesson you've provided is astounding! I guess it all makes sense (and applies to my country as well) but I never really considered it. Jeez. Now I feel bad.

      I think that quote could really use some tone. I love the VISUAL of this suggestion, not that it may or may not happen. It's soooo incredibly morbid and cracks me up. (okay...I'll just stop...but I think my appreciation should be taken as a compliment of your comedic abilities...if that makes sense...OKAY I'M DOING IT AGAIN! AAAAaaaaaaaarrrggghhhh)

      Oh my. I can only imagine what you've cooked up next.

    2. Your glee at the thought of my half eaten face is absolutely disturbing but hey, at least I have the talent to turn my awful situation into comedy :)