Monday, February 18, 2019

Blogathon '19: Mt. Rushmore of Movies

A lot of people take shots at Valentine's Day, you know? It's not a real holiday. It's something made up to sell candy and overpriced cardboard. I can't believe you fell asleep. Again. Fine, but if we skip over Valentine's Day, you know what's next on the calendar don't you? Uh huh.

It's President's Day.

And if you think celebrating love is a waste of time and money, shit, what about honoring forty-five(ish) predominantly white guys that a large percentage of people would have never f--kin' voted for in the first place? That doesn't sound like too much fun, either.

Two Dollar Cinema, I'm asking you to help me celebrate President's Day (with a dash of Valentine's Day love) by joining me in the Mount Rushmore of Movies blogathon.

It seems only fitting that the guy who played Two-Face...
...also played the President of the United States.
So you know what I'm going to do? I'm taking it back. I'm taking 'em all back. For the fourth(ish) time in the esteemed history of this blog, I need help. Your help.

The rules are simple:

To participate, simply choose the top four of anything cinematic and explain why they should be carved into the side of a mountain forever. Remember, these are real people carved into imaginary rock - so choose wisely!

Whatever ridiculous(ly fantastic) monument you dream up will be straight magic, so by all means, let your freak flag fly.

Whether you want to do a Mount Rushmore of Oscar snubs, the top four Zac Efron shirtless scenes, or a tribute to the quintessential films of the 90s, embrace the madness and run with it. Four selections may seem like a ton, but once you get started it can get a bit dicey narrowing it down. Last year, things got a touch ... hairy [seriously], so fingers (and legs) crossed that 2019 will keep it flowing, er, going.

Alas, both the nitty, and the gritty:
  1. I'd like to have all posts done by Friday, March 1st (where I'll create a master list, linking back to all of your lovely sites), but it's cool if you're an overachiever and finish early. Or not at all.
  2. When you've finished, send me a heads up/dick pic on twitter @twodollarcinema , reply in the comments below, e-mail me (, make circles out of black smoke that Amy Adams will decode, Hell, cut a note out of old newspaper headlines, I really don't mind. Just let me know that you're in and that I love you so much. 
  3. In your post, please use the rad banner my wife designed in eleven minutes.
  4. Share the announcement, if possible. I don't really know anyone, uh, except you. 
  5. I just want to tell you both good luck, we're all counting you.
I think she was mad at me this time.
I'll be on a week-long field trip with middle schoolers starting in the morning, so I may be a bit out of the loop. Well, even more than usual. And while I probably be wishing I was dead, know that your participation is what will keep me alive in the darkest of dark days ahead.

So, yeah. No pressure. 


  1. " the top four Zac Efron shirtless scenes"

    I hate you and I hate myself

    It’s riducoulusly cute how not only your wife puts up with all of this but also designs the banner every year :)

    1. If you look back, I'm pretty sure I've thrown some love/shade your way every year. It's a nice way to keep track of your current...interest(s).

      I'm okay with that hate.

      I don't know about 'ridiculously cute' but I mentioned to her about the blogathon coming up and how I would really like (/need) a graphic, and she came home to tell me SHE HAD STARTED KICKING ideas around while she was at work. If I was a nicer person I would have told her how much that meant to me, but instead I went,

      "You did? Nice." And then I darted downstairs to begin writing something up. It was like, 10:30, and even you know that's like 900 hours past her bedtime.

      And honestly, I feel like this is OUR blogathon. You and me. Without your support/incessant perving....this f--king thing would have fizzled years ago! So, uh...I just want to tell you...


    2. Does your wife read the blog? She must be horrified of some of your readers... :D

      I will promote the shit out of this blogathon in next RF but problem is I don't think people reading it will last long enough to read the links part :)

    3. I don't think she does? Honestly, I'm not sure. I think if she does, she immediately regrets it (and some other things, frankly).

      Goodness. I can only imagine what you've cooked up for RF.

  2. Replies

      (I wouldn't have it any other way)

  3. Count me in! I was thinking of doing the Mt. Rushmore of abs but I'm sure someone else will have the same idea so I'm leaving it to her. Don't worry though, I'll find something :)

    1. Yep, this is exactly what I am doing lol

    2. Last year, there were a lot of manly beard entries, so multiple abs would be more than okay.

      But if not, I'm dying to see what you come up with!

  4. I'm glad it's this time of year again!

    1. Me....too. I'm always curious as to what you'll come up with.

  5. This sounds like fun! I will pass on little Zac though

    1. 'Little Zac' - hahahahaha.

      Best of luck to your monument (I always find this a lot harder than I initially thought it would be!) and can't wait to see your entry.

  6. Oh yeah, I'm in. Now to come up with something worthy of a champion like you.

    1. YES!

      Man, I have ZERO idea this year. They say you should write what you know...but I already did Boobs, right? *googles best movie nudity*

      See, kids, research can be fun. Good luck, my friend. Looking forward to it!

  7. I have entered at the last moment! Hope you like it