Friday, April 6, 2012

None of you will do anything, except live the life that has already been set out for you.

If you've read a couple of my reviews, you can see that I usually have a built-in out. If I've watched something that I really enjoyed, you'll find that I'll mention something that'll explain why it might just be me. Very rarely, will I just flat out say (at least, seriously say), this movie is great. Drive [review] and The Fighter [review] are two examples that jump out at me. Otherwise, I try to temper my enthusiasm, so as not to look like a (gigantic) ass. I know, bitch move.

You'd never guess that this is a piece of science fiction, huh?
What's the point? Well, Tuesday night the wife and I settled in to watch 2010's Never Let Me Go. She was tired but I insisted that despite not knowing what it was about, that this is going to be good. Real good. My proof? Well, a friend of mine, known around here as Haspe (Hass-pee), totally and unflinchingly vouched for it. Who gives a shit? Hold on. This guy damn near hates everything. His film standards are absurdly high. What makes this even more odd, is that he was a guy I saw everything with as a kid. Everything. I mean, we saw Double Dragon theatrically. Hmm. Maybe that's part of it.

Anyway, I was completely underwhelmed by this movie. Sure, my inflated expectations had something to do with it, but I just couldn't believe this was the movie he vouched for. Really? It's so quiet, so slow - how could this stand out so much? I texted him about it, and he said this in regard to my what the f--k, man?

Haspe: Love. Love lost. Love cut short by circumstance.

This is a great scene.
And that was enough for me. Because it reminded me of why I love film so much in the first place. Often it's created for the largest of audiences, but each speaks to us in a different way. Sometimes, a flick comes along and simply grabs you. And when it does, it could be for a number of reasons. Maybe it reminds you of someone you have or even someone you've lost. Maybe it just made you feel better. And maybe, you don't even know why - you just can't help it. I mean, I liked The Lorax [review] simply because we finished it. And on any given day - these are all good reasons. Who gives a damn if someone else disagrees? We love what we love.

UPDATE: Well, thirteen hours have passed since I initially posted and I suppose I'll finish this review. The more I think about the film, the more I'm flip-flopping on my opinion of it. It's starting to get better. It's still very quiet, very slow, but the performances are resonating. Each of the three leads really deliver. I think it's easier to like Mulligan's performance because her character is so sweet and kind, but I'm going to go with Knightley's. She does the most-horrible-bitch-alive role quite well and her um, completion is pretty brutal.

On that note, here are the Yays and Boos, better late than never.

Now here I thought we were in for some craziness.
  • Ms. Lucy's speech was pretty fantastic.
  • The idea that your art and poetry prove your love is very cool. But the real reason is a little more, um, serious.
  • I appreciate the how-to on looking at an adult magazine. Informative stuff, thank you.
It's not only his spider-sense that's tingling.
  • More conflict, please.
  • Ruth, you bitch.
  • Extra years if you're in love! Yay! Oh, wait.
  • I swore that older guy was Ron Weasley. Damn you, diminishing eyesight.
  • That I didn't cry at the end. I guess I'm soulless.
Wow. You made it to the end. I owe you a dollar. Or a hug. I'm not sure. I've rambled endlessly, and basically taken both sides. Oh, and I barely discussed the actual movie.  Just remember how much this cost you and you'll feel better. I know I do.


  1. I absolutely loved the movie. It had such a moving story, beautful cinematography and great acting, especially from Carey Mulligan and surprisingly good Knightley.

    1. Since your comment, I have updated the post. I now think I'm in the 'like' camp. I'm enamored with the idea of the story and I loved the three leads, I just wanted to be sobbing at the end (like I bet my friend was) and I was just slightly bummed out.

      Knightley was good - I agree.

  2. Mate, what a review!

    Prior to reading this I had absolutely no desire to watch the film at all but now I am willing to give it a chance. Now I may not like it at all but your review at least got me to give it a chance!

    Also, I really enjoyed your writing style. Conversational, humourous, and engaging. Keep it up, I've add your site into my RSS reader.


    1. Russell - Your site is great. Glad you stopped by.

      As for the flick? I'm not sure what to tell you. Good luck!

  3. I've been meaning to see this one, but just...keep avoiding it for some reason. Probably because it takes a lot to get me in that slow-movie mode. But as much as I bitch and moan, as soon as the movie starts, I'm in it. So I'll probably take a look at this one...soon. And I'll see if I can make any more sense of it than you can, even though it seems to be a movie that grows on you. Either way, brilliant review!