Monday, July 18, 2011

Whoaaaa! Somebody get me a glass! 'Cuz I just found me a tall drink of water.

Okay, it's Monday morning (after 1) and I'm trying to finish watching the Red Sox game against the Rays. It's the bottom of the 14th and the score is 0-0. Sox have blown a bunch of chances and I'm hoping that my inattentiveness somehow results in a breakthrough run for my beloved baseball team. Why mention this on my movie blog? Well, I might be looking for some man-points, after yesterday's flick. Um, last year's ultra-girly (though ultra-good) Tangled.

Voiced by the (sometimes) super-hot Mandy Moore.
I don't think I need to tell you the premise, but I will tell you that it's executed very well. The story is sweet, funny and breezes by quickly. My wife and sister loved this one. For me, not quite, but it was enjoyable. I was happy for them because it seems that many animated movies are geared toward young boys. I doubt my son will request this one a billion times (Cars and Shrek currently vie for that title), but he does enjoy the Cars 2 trailer immensely. Anyway, if there's a lady in your life, young or old, she'll probably eat this one up.
These two are pretty much the best thing ever.
Guys, boys, whatever, don't feel too bad though, because there are two characters in this movie that will soften the blow left by the magical/sparkly hair of Rapunzel. Yes, Finn and Maximus the Horse are routinely awesome. Almost everything Finn says is hysterical and the horse is funny every second he is on screen. I haven't laughed as much at a Disney (non-Pixar) character since Rafiki kicked all kinds of hyena-ass damned near twenty-years ago.

Well, we're entering the 16th inning and I am the only Sox fan in the world blogging about Tangled. Hopefully. Wait till my next entry...oh my.

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