Saturday, August 13, 2011

Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape.

Oops. Inadvertent victory today. My wife and I went to the movies for the first time since The King's Speech and things went slightly awry. She informed me on the way in, that that was what we did on Valentine's Day (romantic, huh?). Tonight, we were afforded the opportunity to make another trip to the cinema, and I promised her that she could pick whatever she wanted. She chose The Help. Two tickets, please. What's that? Sold out. Well, is there anything starting soon, obese ticket-lady? Oh. Really.

Tagline, good. Images, ridiculous.
I felt bad. Obviously, Rise of the Planet of the Apes was what I wanted to see. Wifey, not so much. I genuinely offered to call it and go out to eat (where we would be able to eat simultaneously) but she was cool with it. I think seeing apes in the title of the movie is a massive red flag for her - oh, she also thought that this took place in outer space (check the rules in post #2 - space is a dealbreaker) - but I showed her that the buzz was pretty good (IMDB app). She further relaxed when we entered the theater. It was crowded. And, there were other women in the crowd. Big sigh.

Apes on a foggy bridge = disaster for mankind.
Outside of Super 8, this was probably the most fun I had at the movies this summer. I always complain about there not being enough action, but it is completely okay here. The escalation of Caesar's abilities and motivations play out perfectly. You'll be hooked. Though there is only one extended action sequence, it is impossible to be bored. Even if it's telegraphed at times, the tension is gripping. The effects are about 97% jaw-dropping, with just the occasional bout of goofiness. Actually, the only real absurdity comes from the "villains." They are so over-the-top bad, that you might find yourself hoping a few apes screw them in an extremely uncomfortable place (maybe that was just me). Good times!
BEST WORST CHARACTER EVER: Their next door neighbor. Huge doucher.
BOTTOM LINE: If the preview at all interested you, go see it. An ape fights a horse. Read that again. Yeah.

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