Sunday, March 4, 2012

You can just shut your mustache.

TREE-D? Was this animated in Hawai'i?
We made it. With a two-and-a-half-year old in tow, my wife and I actually completed an entire movie in the theater. This was our fourth attempt, so I guess we're batting a respectable .250. With one eye on my son, one eye on the big screen and both ears on the screaming toddler to my right (thank God that wasn't ours), we conquered Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. The verdict? Irrelevant. We saw the whole thing.

Now, the good doctor and I are pretty tight. Hop On Pop, Ten Apples Up On Top! and my personal favorite, There's A Wocket In My Pocket, get a ton of play around these parts. I don't think my son likes them nearly as much as I do. That said, the movie versions of his stories have been rather hit or miss. The live-action stuff...yeesh. But at least the animated Horton Hears a Who! was pretty charming. The Lorax is entertaining and of course, visually dazzling, but not nearly on par with the upper-echelon stuff of Disney and Dreamworks. For animation, the bar is high. Really, really high. Maybe unfairly so.

The little romance angle was pretty sweet.
Presumably, not that many of you in blogger land have kids, but the frickin' 20+ minutes of previews got to be maddening. As my son sat there patiently, I grew more and more the opposite. In my lifetime of going to the movies, this was the first time I was actually pissed as each successive preview came on the screen. Half of the crowd could basically shit their pants at anytime, so you might want to get on with it, you dig? Made me think that all kids movies should probably call it at the hour mark.

I knew the line was coming and I still laughed.
As for the movie itself, unless you hate the environment, you'll probably enjoy the message. Though, they do lay it on pretty thick. In fact, at one point a little girl in the audience pleaded rather loudly to "Stop cutting all the trees down!" That probably makes the top 5 of Best Things Ever Said during a movie. Probably. Oh, and on the song front, there are only a handful of numbers and each one isn't overly annoying. I enjoyed the last one about planting the tree. That one was pretty rad.

Look at this punk. I said cheese.
Since it was such a miracle that we made it out of there with our dignity intact, I'll leave on a high note. Here's a few Yays, truffula tree-style.
  • Okay, the Lorax and my uncle Jack are the same person. Truth.
  • Ed Helms and his guitar magic strike again.
  • The river, er, bed scene is very well done. Why is digital water so awesome? I love it.
This is the part of the post where I confess to having a hand in the eventual destruction of an actual forest in Hawai'i. Totally my bad. I'll leave that one for another day...


  1. While the movie is funnier than the book, the drawback of this modernized version is that it loses the timeless quality of the story on the page. Still, I had a good time and it will definitely resonate well with plenty of adults and just about every kid imaginable. Great review M.

  2. So interesting how one's perspective changes when you have kids. You saw the whole thing! SUCCESS! LOL!. I'll be skipping this one since I don't have any kids, and haven't destroyed an forests in Hawai'i to my knowledge (seriously, what's up with that?), but for the target audience it sounds like this one isn't too bad.

  3. Dan O. - Totally agree. This movie is certainly a product of contemporary times. Hopefully one day it looks foolish.

    NTEMP - If you don't have kids, it's certainly not required viewing like Pixar or Dreamworks top-tier stuff. Doubt I would have bothered minus the little guy.
    As for the forest thing...well, it involved bananas. Lots and lots of bananas. And a grown man in tears.