Sunday, June 5, 2011

Go F--- Yourself

At this point of my life, getting to the movies is serious business. My wife is cool with me going, but I feel guilty so I don't press her as often as I'd like. This past weekend, not only did I see something on opening night, I attended it with two solid individuals, Flem and Miller/Payne. It was "Good Stuff."(indeed)

Obviously from the rather lame picture above, we tackled X-Men: First Class. I say tackled, because what seems like a requirement of all movies lately, this bastard clocked in at 132 minutes. Goodness. The first-first one was only 104 minutes. Anyway...that wasn't the real problem here (though 10:30 start time didn't help).

I had read reviews prior to showtime and I was pretty stoked about a "good" X-Men movie again. I really liked the first two and had read that this was very similar. Matthew Vaughn is currently deemed trustworthy as Kick-Ass was really good and I kinda think James McAvoy is the man (Wanted, anyone?). All that said, I'm on the fence here. Definitely not an outright punch to the balls like X3 (or whatever the Hell it's called), but not "The finest comic-book flick since 2008's The Dark Knight" (see the list in a May entry and verify that nonsense in your own head).'s the breakdown.
  • Wolverine cameo! (and Mystique to a lesser extent)
  • January Jones' cleavage!
  • Overt sexual discrimination!
  • Kevin Bacon!
  • killing people by dropping them!
    • Most of Beast's dialogue (look at that picture)
    • Black guy dying first cliche
    • Weird semi-incestuous relationship between two-characters
    • Weird semi-homo-erotic relationship between two other characters

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